Revolutionary Open-Source Toolchain Promises to Transform SoC Design - 24-Hour Turnaround and No Loss of Quality for NHIL Designs!
Unlock the Power of Machine Intelligence to Maximize Human Expertise and Optimise Design Processes in 24 Hours or Less!

About Precision Innovations

Precision Innovations was launched in 2019 to develop and deliver Industrial quality open-source solutions using OpenROAD™ as the foundational application for ASIC and SoC IC design software.
OpenROAD targets an autonomous, No-Human-In-Loop NHIL design with a 24-hour turnaround time and no loss of PPA design quality.
Precision’ solutions enable Rapid Design exploration and RTL-GDSII implementation that reduce design costs, break down barriers to gain expertise, deliver on schedule and tool access that currently prevent designers from innovating and implementating at full potential.
Precision closes these critical gaps by developing and supporting closed-tool extensions to OpenROAD that enable differentiated features, flows and PDKS across the technology spectrum including advance nodes for commercial users and ecosystem partners. 


To accelerate semiconductor innovation by advancing open-source chip design

Our Team

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